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February 2016

Top Ten Common Causes of Alzheimer's Disease

by Connie McMullen

Dr. Steve Rubin, M.D.
Dr. Steve Rubin, M.D.

January 12, the Alzheimer's Association held a Family Forum titled Strength, Hope and Knowledge in Reno.

Family members, caregivers, friends and collogues attended the forum to learn about the latest data, research, and caregiving practices involving dementia.

Dr. Steve Rubin, M.D. provided a thoughtful presentation on the "Top Ten Common Causes of Alzheimer's." A well-known local psychiatrist, Dr. Rubin said, "lifestyle can predict if one is at risk for developing dementia."

He has created an Alzheimer's Grid that one can use to take a quick survey to determine if their behaviors place them at risk or if they know someone with dementia to help explain why. To use the grid, one considers each cause and assigns a number of significance. For example, the grid lists personal history of heart, lung or alcohol disease. Is there a history of toxin exposure, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition.

The Alzheimer's Grid does not require a particular Score or value. It is a guide for thinking about and making changes in lifestyle that can help treat, prevent, or modify cognitive declines.

The Top Ten Common Causes of Alzheimer's Disease are:

  1. Cardiovascular Disease
  2. Respiratory Disorders
  3. Loss of Sleep
  4. Alcohol
  5. Prescription Drugs
  6. What you eat, drink, breathe
  7. Head Injuries
  8. Genetics and Illness
  9. Medical Complications
  10. Being Sedentary

In addition, Dr. Rubin has published a short book titled "Autumn Leaves: Aging with Dementia," a musical called "Dementia the Musical," and a CD titled "Sundown at Lucky Star."

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