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November 2015

Making Do With Less: No Cost-of-Living Increase for Retirees

For the third time in 40- years, millions of Social Security recipients, disabled veterans and federal retirees can expect to see no increase in cost-of-living benefits next year, a major blow to America's senior population many living on fixed incomes.

In learning of the announcement, the American Federation of Government Employees National President J. David Cox Sr. said, "The absence of cost-of-living adjustments for federal retirees and Social Security recipients will cause a large decline in living standards starting in 2016.

"More than 2.5 million federal retirees depend on annual cost-of-living adjustments to help their modest pensions keep pace with inflation, while federal retirees under the newer Federal Employees Retirement System also count on the COLA increase for their Social Security checks.

"The prices for many items that seniors must purchase is rising faster than the overall inflation rate. The most important of these are health insurance premiums. Enrollee premiums in the federal employee health benefits program will rise 7.4 percent next year.

"The lack of a cost-of-living adjustment may also mean a double whammy to federal retirees under the Civil Service Retirement System. Unless Congress acts to extend to all retirees the 'hold harmless' provision that protects Social Security recipients from Medicare Part B premium increases when there's no COLA, they and other Medicare Part B recipients will have to cover the entire increase in Medicare Part B's costs next year. That means Medicare Part B premiums could more than double.

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Golden Pages is the most trusted comprehensive Senior Resource Guide with thousands of FREE listings on Retirement, Financial & Banking, Retirement Planning, Senior Living, Health, Transportation, Elder Care and More ... if you need to find a resource - Golden Pages is the place.

Annual Veterans Day Parade in Reno

Reno's annual Veterans Day Parade, held on November 11, begins at 11:11 a.m. This year opening ceremonies will be at the Whitney Peak Balcony (Commercial Row and Virginia Street next to the Reno Arch).

This years parade theme is "Honoring those who served and sacrificed to preserve freedom - WWII 70th Anniversary." The Grand Marshall will be Mr. Ivan Bell Woodford, Nevada's oldest veteran at 105-years-old. Deputy Grand Marshals will be Mr. Robert McGinty, U.S. Army Air Corps, who will be 100-years-old on September 15, and Ms. Beatrice Thayer, SSG, E-6, U.S. Army/Air Force, WWII, Cold War, and Nevada Army National Guard Retired, 1945-59 and 1973- 1982.

The parade departs from the traditional route because of the Virginia Street Bridget construction. The parade starts at the corner of 2nd Street and S. Virginia Street, and flows north on Virginia Street, passing under the Reno Arch and ending at 5th Street.

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