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April 2015

Lifetime Retirement Health Care Costs for an Average 65-year-old Couple Retiring in 2015

HealthView Services has published its 2015 Retirement Health Care Costs Data Report, which shows average expected retirement health care costs for Medicare B, D and Supplemental insurance for a healthy couple retiring this year at 65 years of age will be $266,589 in today's dollars. For a couple retiring in 10 years at 65, expected costs will rise to $320,996, underscoring the impact of rising health care cost inflation. While the report provides comprehensive perspective on overall retirement health care costs, it also breaks down these costs into components to support informed retirement planning decisions.

The data reveals that retirement health care costs are even higher when expected dental, vision, hearing, copays and all other out-of-pocket costs are included. With these additional components, total projected retirement health care costs rise to $394,954 for a couple retiring this year at age 65. For a 55- year-old couple retiring in 10 years, total lifetime health care costs are expected to be $463,849. The 2015 report reveals an increase in total year-over-year projected lifetime retirement health care costs of approximately 6.5 percent. These estimates do not include the cost of long-term care services.

The report demonstrates that health care costs will account for a very significant and growing portion of retirees' budgets," said Ron Mastrogiovanni, Founder and CEO of HealthView Services. "The data also shows that Medicare-related costs are only part of the story. Retirees need to plan for health-related expenses not covered by Medicare, and the potential impact of income-based Medicare surcharges.".

Grandparent Scam

Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt warns Nevadans about an old scam making new rounds in Nevada. Because the scam frequently targets seniors, the operation is known as the “grandparent scam.” A caller claims to be a relative of the alleged victim. The caller states they has been injured or arrested in another state or country. In many cases, the caller asks the victim not to tell any relatives of the caller’s situation, and then proceeds to ask the victim to wire thousands of dollars to someone claiming to be a police officer, attorney, legal aid worker, customs officer, or hospital employee. Once the money is sent, it cannot be traced nor recovered.

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