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March 2017

Steps to Protect Yourself from Medicare Fraud

Every day, Medicare fraud affects people with Medicare and their families across the U.S. – regardless of background – robbing them of hard-earned money and peace of mind. By remembering some simple but effective tips, you can protect yourself against scams, including identity theft and prescription drug fraud. Remembering to protect, detect and report fraud helps everyone, including you.

1.Protect: Protecting your personal information is your best line of defense against health care fraud. Treat Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security numbers like credit card numbers. Never give them to a stranger and don't carry your cards unless you need them for appointments.

2. Detect: No matter how careful you are, you may be targeted for fraud. Always review your Medicare statements closely.

3. Report: If you suspect you've been a target of fraud, report it. This can help you and others at risk for fraud. If you're uncomfortable calling, help is available through your local Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP). Call 1-877-808- 2468 or visit online at

CARE Chest's 26th Annual Executive Kidnap

CARE Chest will host its 26th annual Executive Kidnap at Rancharrah on Thursday, March 9th, 2017. Local business and community leaders will come together to be "kidnapped" to raise funds and benefit families served by CARE Chest of Sierra Nevada.

Since 1992, the Executive Kidnap event has raised over $1 million for CARE Chest's medical resource programs, which served a record number of 11,532 people last year. CARE Chest ensures Nevadans can obtain medical equipment and supplies to live safe, healthy, and independent lives.

The day of Executive Kidnap, participants will be taken by limo to headquarters at Rancharrah where they'll contact friends and business associates to raise their "ransom". To learn more, please contact Peter Stanton at 775-829- 2273, ext. 115.

2016-17 Golden Pages
   Information & Referral Guide

Golden Pages Senior Resource and Information Guide was founded in 1987 by Senior Spectrum Newspapers, and publishers Chris and Connie McMullen, who realized the tremendous need for senior resource information that helps connect people and resources.

Golden Pages is the most trusted comprehensive Senior Resource Guide with thousands of FREE listings on Retirement, Financial & Banking, Retirement Planning, Senior Living, Health, Transportation, Elder Care and More ... if you need to find a resource - Golden Pages is the place.

Editor's Desk Radio Program

Join Senior Spectrum Newsmagazine for a full hour discussion of senior issues on America Matters Media, 1180-AM, noon-1 p.m. every Wednesday. Listeners can call-in or join the discussion at the Reno Town Mall studio.
Call locally at 775-827-8900 or 844-790-TALK.
Call Senior Spectrum for details - 775-348-0717.

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