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April 2017

People who Need Care in the Home Will Get a Financial Break Under Bill 318

Senate Bill 318 has been introduced in the Nevada Legislature that would make caregiving less costly for caregivers that provide 24-hour around the clock care in the home for very seriously ill people. SB 318 would open Nevada Revised Statute 608.0195 to enable paid caregivers to provide personal care services in the home yet enable them to get much needed rest to continue their caregiving duties.

Bill 318

SB 318 would extend NRS to include non-medical caregivers who work 24-hours or more, enabling them to enter into an agreement to not be paid for a sleep period to not exceed 8 hours, and an uninterrupted period for at least five hours. Sleeping accommodations must be adequate and agreed to.

SB 318 is excellent public policy as it allows working caregivers time to stay with a vulnerable elder or person with disabilities during the night or other arranged time period unless called to work or the sleep time is interrupted, at which time the caregiver must be paid. SB 318 saves the care receiver money and allows care to be provided by a familiar person. Oftentimes when a caregiver has worked 24-hours the agency may switch out the employee for another to take their place. This is difficult on both the caregiver and care receiver who may have formed a trusting bond. This change in personnel brings an unfamiliar person into the situation which can be disruptive and emotionally difficult to adapt, breaking the continuity of care.

In 2015, NRS was amended to include Periods of Sleep in Residential Facilities for Groups. In 2016 the US Department of Labor issued a memorandum on the Exclusion of Sleep Time from Hours Worked under the Fair Labor Standards Act, recognizing the need for this important discussion regarding care of vulnerable populations. SB 318 will give the caregiver valuable rest so they can continue to provide quality around the clock care in the home.

Age Out Loud Senior Talent Show

The Sanford Center for Aging, Senior Outreach Services is presenting “Age Out Loud - How to succeed as a senior without really trying.”

The annual show highlights talented musicians and performers, and will be held in honor of Older Americans Month, May 30, 10-11:30 a.m. at the Nelson Building, Laxalt Auditorium, in Reno. Age Out Loud will feature The Silver Steppers senior dancers and Master of Ceremonies Kenn Pettiford. Sanford Center for Aging, Director Peter Reed, Ph.D., will perform on guitar and vocals.

To learn more, call (775) 784-7506 or visit The register deadline is May 20, 2017.

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