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November 2011

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Age Didn't Stop Me

At 90, Alice Thomas is probably the most senior of licensed lawyers practicing in the state of Nevada today.

Alice ThomasAttending McGeorge School of Law in her seventies, she is an extraordinary role model for all who seek to undertake and accomplish difficult goals.

Thomas graduated from McGeorge, an ABA approved law school in Sacramento, CA, at age 80. She was the oldest known person to have earned the degree from McGeorge. President and Founder of Civil Rights for Seniors, a non-profit Nevada corporation based in Reno, Thomas developed a passion to seek justice for the disadvantaged and neglected working at an elder law clinic while in college. "Learning the law under the tutelage of two outstanding law professors and finding real world solutions to my generation's problems was most gratifying," she said.

Working her way through law school, she became a caregiver for a longtime companion dying of Alzheimer's. "There were days when he didn't know who he was or where he was," she said. "I watched him change from being an utterly charming, kind, intelligent, cultured human being to becoming, at times, a totally aggressive, unreasonable person."

The combination of experiences propelled Thomas to apply her legal expertise in helping seniors, the disabled and veterans. "Seniors must be our priority as they do not have time to regain their security and take part in the General Welfare, a guarantee under our Bill of Rights."

Thomas and fellow lawyers, Keith Tierney and Michael O'Rourke, make up Civil Rights for Seniors. They provide legal services for the disadvantaged and work to empower seniors through advocacy. "Knowledge is power," she said, "and by getting involved, sharing information and holding those accountable who need to be held accountable, we will create the conditions seniors need to flourish."

To learn more about Civil Rights for Seniors and their activities, read the newsletter "Silver State Senior" or contact them at (775) 453- 2611/email Civil Rights for Seniors, 10580 N. McCarran Blvd., Ste. 115-403, Reno, NV 89503.